Friday, July 15, 2011

Staying the Course

I just had to share this.  Inspirations I get in from my email.  Enjoy.  -Ali

The Best Way Out is Always Through

If someone asked me to pick one word to describe any success I've had in my life, I wouldn't hesitate. The word would beperseverance. Life at times can be difficult...but our faith can bring us through!

That's why this book by BJ Gallagher holds a special place in my heart. The Best Way Out is Always Through captures the essence of perseverance. Her amazing stories, her great quotes and her unique brand of original poetry make this one of the most inspirational books we've published in a long time.
We should never forget what we all have in common. That some point in our life, we will face adversity. It's not a matter of if, but...when. And when adversity strikes, it's not about what happens that will determine our destiny, it's about how we react to what happens. And so many times, it'll be about...staying the course, which is why I selected BJ's poem by that title, to share with you today. Enjoy!

Staying the Course
Our journey of life is about progress,
not perfection.
It's not about doing one thing
100% better -
it's a matter of doing 100 things,
1% better each day.

Progress is evolutionary
not revolutionary,
and most days we measure our progress
in inches,
not miles.

What matters most
is showing up for your life
whether you feel like it
or not.

Ask yourself,
"What two or three little things
can I do today
that would move me forward?"

You'll be amazed
at how much distance
you can cover
by taking it in increments.

The little things add up;
the inches turn to miles;
and we string together our efforts
like so many pearls.
Before long,
look what you have -
a whole strand!

Ah... beautiful.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dreamers and Doubters

There are many different aspects that live inside of us and two of them I respectfully dubbed the Dreamer and Doubter. When it comes to pursuing our dreams, The Dreamer is often gung ho while the Doubter can provide a laundry list of concerns and issues.
After a speech in Rome, a woman with a beautiful accent asked me to tell her one of my personal dreams.
Assuming I'd never see her again, I decided to share a dream I had never spoken out loud, one I had kept such a good secret that even I was beginning to forget it.

"My dream is to spend the summer writing in the Greek Islands," I said all in one breath.

She handed me her card and replied, "I have a villa in Greece. Why don't you come as my guest?"

I was floored and reminded that amazing things happen when we share our dreams. I was elated, or more accurately, part of me was. Here's a peek inside my head. See if this kind of interchange sounds familiar.

Dreamer: I am so excited!
Doubter: Not me. I don't like this at all. It's far away and could be dangerous.

Dreamer: Nonsense. This is my dream handed to me on a silver platter.
Doubter/Realist (they're close cousins): Who is going to run your business while you're away?

Dreamer: My fabulous team whom I completely trust.
Doubter: Well, how's it going to look to your clients that you are out of the country for three months?

Dreamer: I think as a Dream Coach, it's going to look pretty good.

When you are stuck, procrastinating or worrying, chances are your Doubter has taken over. If ignored, it can sabotage your dreams. So how do you deal with it? Turn the volume down a notch and the Doubter simply becomes the Realist, the part that wants to know where the time and money will come from for your venture.

But before you turn down the Doubter, hear from it. It will give you valuable information such as a list of obstacles that you can manage later. Freedom comes as you appreciate its wisdom and insight rather than judging it as the enemy.

If you never deal with your doubt and you meet another Doubter on the road, their doubt will magnify yours. However, if you have worked with your own doubt, next time a Doubter challenges you, by contrast it will be the opportunity to deepen your commitment and conviction to your dream.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bent Objects

Saw this on Yahoo, as I was surfing along on my normally scheduled surf fest.   I just had to share.   Terry Border takes normal objects and twists them into life.   It's creative and fun to see what he comes up with.  Check out his blog.  

Terry Border "Bent Objects"

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blu Blu - Urban Art Video

Urban Art By BluBlu

This is a really interesting piece.  My boyfriend shared it on my Facebook page.  Now I am passing the sharing.   :D
You can find more videos on Blublu's webpage.  Enjoy!


Yes siree! This Blog is going to go through a Metamorphic phase!  New things happening. I'm moving once again! Woot!  I'm hoping to chronicle my move as well as showcasing my renewed spark with photography and the Urban Art world.

And what better place to show case it  is on my dead blog. :D  The phoenix rises and a new look is coming this way!  Talk about new beginnings, renewed interests and just so much change again.  I think it's good, change that is, it may seem stressful, but I think for me, once I kind of wrap my brain to the thought of it, it really is refreshing and exciting.  Like a new lease on life (good or bad) as it may be.  So here is to journaling my experience to Miami Beach, and the man who I Love! :) It's Scary......but I think this kind of scary is good. 

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Miamix Dec by Funksoulbrodha

Miamix Dec by Funksoulbrodha

If you love House Music here is a very good DJ from Miami sharing his set.  I wanted to post it here for anyone who loves good dance music to enjoy.  Every time I listen to it I find myself shaking my booty.  ENJOY!!  :D  


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Quote of the Day.

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Not really sure from whom this quote is actually from. I actually swiped it from my cousin's profile on Facebook today. It has so much wisdom in it, it was too good not to share.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Star Wars: The Old Republic | Trailers

Star Wars: The Old Republic | Trailers

I am so looking forward to Star Wars new MMO. Watching the new Trailer with the music just gave me shivers. I do admit I am a little worried about it being like some of the MMO's that have come out ex: Warhammer, Aion... that didn't keep my interest. I really, really, want this game to be my next long term MMO. WOW, held mine for almost 5 years, and I definitely want something more than WOW (World of Warcraft).

These are exciting times, and I'm happy that BioWare is taking their time in develeoping this game and not rushing it. It would be a great shame if they did rush it. I rather wait 2 years for it to come out and be perfect. Lucky that isn't so as the game comes out Spring 2011, and I can't wait! :)